Established in 1985

PT. Opelon Garment Indonesia excels in manufacturing garments for a wide range of markets, from domestic to international, having exported over the years to various customers.
Opelon maintains a 6.200 m2 production plant in its 9.000 m2 premises strategically located in Bandung, West Java-the hotspot of the Indonesian textile industry. With an employee headcount 400, most of whom possess a vast experience in the industry, Opelon's current production capacity ranges from 800.000 to 900.000 pieces of garment per year.

Our Goal


Prior to production, we subject our materials to a range of tests in our laboratory. These include colour fastness to laundering, water, sea water, crocking and performance tests such as shrinkage test.


From the basic sewing machines to the heat and press machines, flat seamers and laser cutting machines and our production hanger system assists the balancing process throughout all stages of work, thus resulting in optimum output and efficiency as well as more competitive pricing.

Human Resource

We treat each one of our employees as a fellow human being, and also as family. We ensure that every employee's rights regarding non-discriminatory treatment, maternity benefits, working hours, yearly medical check up and other issues are respected and fulfilled.